The Ultimate Father's Day Gift Guide

I want to celebrate the fathers in my life.

My father’s a one of the most amazing men I know. I’ve never met anyone who has more integrity than him, and I am so grateful for all of the prayers he prays over me and my family each day.

I remember when I was 4 or 5, my dad had taken me to the grocery store with him. We were checking out and I was trailing behind as my father put our groceries on the conveyor belt. There was a woman who came behind us and she put her groceries on the belt as well. I can’t recall whether this was before they had those dividers at the grocery lines or whether my dad just didn’t use it, but I grabbed one of the lady’s milk and pushed it toward our food thinking it was ours. She looked at me and said, “Oh. That’s mine.” and I flushed with embarrassment.

I ran over to the other side of my dad for protection and he looked down at me and said, “Txhua tus yeej ua yuam kev. Tsis txhob txhawj txog tej yam me me li ntawv: (Translation: “Everyone makes mistakes. Don’t worry about the small things.”)

And he continued on with paying for the groceries.

I remember those words to this day. He doesn’t remember that conversation, but it’s because of my father’s wise words that I’m not afraid to try things and why I can laugh at myself when I fail or make mistakes. It’s why I keep going even when it’s hard.

So thank you daddy for your love and your guidance. I don’t know where I’d be without you.

I also want to celebrate my husband.

Most of you probably don’t even know this, but my husband runs HmongBaby with me. He just doesn’t get any credit for it lol!

It’s actually really funny because, we still get questions from people asking about what my husband does. They probably think he’s just chillin' at home while I bust my butt!

But the truth is, he does so much of the heavy lifting at fact, he does even more than I do. He does all the background stuff, the paperwork, the legal stuff, and all the other things that I don’t like doing. It’s because of his love for learning and reading that HmongBaby exists and is thriving.

On top of being my camera man, my editor, my web developer, he loves and cherishes my two daughters so much. When he’s not working, he’s rolling around and wrestling with the girls all over the house. I can hear them upstairs making a huge ruckus...and I’m ok with it because I love how much he loves them and how much they love him in return.

I couldn't’ ask for a better partner in crime and I am so blessed to have him as my best friend, my lover, and the father to my children.

So, husband, thank you.

“Without you I’m a raisin. But with you I’m a grape.”

Ok...but Father’s Day is already here! 

Here are some non monetary things we can do to celebrate the fathers in our lives. Often times, I love these even more than material things because they can be so meaningful. You really can create special moments with these if you put thought into them.

1. A Handwritten Letter
Write him a letter letting them know how much you appreciate them (you can’t ever go wrong with it as long as it’s genuine and very specific). Everyone wants to know their efforts are appreciated. Here are some questions to get you in a grateful state:

    • What’s 1 small thing that he does everyday that makes your life better?
    • What is 1 character trait that you love about him.

2. A Day Away
Give him a day to do whatever he wants without the kids (my husband wants a silent retreat. I know, he’s kinda weird like that).

3. A Video
Record a video of you (and your kids) telling him 1 special memory you have with him. Again, here are a couple of prompts:

    • Think of a time when he helped you through a tough season.
    • What are some of your favorite memories with him?

What about the physical stuff you're asking? Well, here's what I have to say:

Why is getting gifts for guys the stinkin' hardest?

Seriously. What do guys even want?

Well, ladies, I’ve done some hardcore research and here’s a list of some awesome things that your man will actually want.

All of these products I’ve either gotten for my husband or have done a ton of research on them and they have great reviews.

Mizzen + Main Shirs - $125
My husband absolutely LOVES his shirts from Mizzen + Main. They’re dress shirts made from athletic material. They’re super comfy and don't show sweat stains or get wrinkled. Trust me...the guys not only will love these, they need them. 

Moleskine Notebook - $15.07
My husband doesn’t go anywhere without his Moleskine notebook. This is where he puts his thoughts, to-do lists, and meeting notes in. We have so many of these I can’t even begin to count them.

BenQ HT2050A Projector - $749
This is an investment but I threw it in there because it's one of my husband’s favorite purchases of 2018. He smiles and says, “I REALLY like this projector” every time we sit down to watch a movie. Every time. And he did all the research before he got it, so I know this is a good projector.

Pilot Hi-Tec-C 03 Gel Ink Pen - $9.99
These are my husband’s favorite pens. I hear so many techy millenials talk about them and there are people who have been buying these for over a decade. They really are super smooth and high quality pens. If you’re picky about your pens, you’ll love these.

RAD Roller - $24.99
This little guy is what I’m gonna get my husband (shhh…). I’ve been doing a lot of research on mobility and recovery equipment and have found this to have great reviews. If your man is athletic or has muscle pain, he’ll definitely appreciate this. It's great for arms, legs, feet, necks, backs, everywhere.

5 Minute Journal - $22.95
This is a great journal that my husband introduced me to. I’ve started gifting these to friends (men and women) and have gotten such great feedback from them. It’s a simple journal that helps you cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

Starting each day off with gratitude has been one of the most transformative things in my life.

Kershaw Leek Steel Blade - $49.74
I got this for my husband last year for his birthday after talking with a friend who’s an outdoor/survival expert. He recommended this and my husband brings it with him and uses it for even things that you don’t need to use it for. He just likes it so much. I like it’s because it’s kinda pretty and if we get stuck somewhere, he can skin a deer for us to eat! Yum I love venison! 

RumbleRoller - $44.95
This my friends, is the other thing I’m getting my husband this year. He loves massages but it’s dang expensive to go regularly! So, I’m getting him this instead. It’s like massage therapy. I’ve read so many great things about this RumbleRoller. It’s great for those guys (and gals) with a lot of knots on their back and just need some deep tissue massaging. I can’t wait to get it so I can use it too!!!

Wallet Ninja Multi-Purpose Pocket Tool - $10.50
My husband says that this is one of the best gifts he’s ever gotten. The awesome thing is, it’s so cheap! And it’s super useful and practical. This little tool is something every man needs, especially if he thinks zombies are gonna take over some day. He can use it up beer bottles and turn zombies into friends? 

What are some favorite gifts you've given for Father's Day?

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