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I Never Felt "AMERICAN" Enough

I grew up in St. Bonifacius, a small rural town an hour outside of the Twin Cities in Minnesota. The only non-white people were my family and a Korean adopted girl. One time, in elementary school, I nearly got into a fist fight with a girl on the bus because she told my sister and I, “Go back to your own country.” We promptly yelled back, “You go back to your own country!” She was in high school and I was in elementary school...but trust me, she would have gone down! My family was poor. I often wore the same outfit multiple days in a row and I only ever wore long sleeve shirts and wind breaker pants because I...

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Kuv Ua Tau - Hmong Children's Book Update #3

Yay! I just received an email letting me know that ALL the books have been printed and they are beautiful! The quality also looks great! My printing company's now just awaiting quality testing and packing. Once that's done, they'll get shipped over and I'll be able to start shipping them out! If all goes well, you'll get the books by June! Thanks so much for your patience and I cannot wait to get these to you!

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What Moms Really Want for Mother's Day

If you go to the store a few days before Mother's Day, you'll see flowers, gift items, and other gifts on display that companies hope you'll buy for your mama. But do they want that stuff? What do moms really want for Mother's Day? Today I had the opportunity to go on a local TV show to answer that exact question. Watch the segment below: Thanks again to Gianna from Family Fun Twin Cities for giving me this amazing opportunity! I appreciate you! If you're a mom, what would you like for Mother's Day? Let me know in the comments!

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