Hi! My name is Mykou. I'm a musician, entrepreneur, wife, and mother. 

One day, when I was going over English flash cards with my one year old daughter, I thought to myself, "Why not use Hmong flash cards since I want her to learn Hmong as well?" I searched for Hmong language products for kids and was really bummed because there were very few Hmong products available. Then it dawned on me: "Why don't I create them?" So I did! When other parents saw the simple flash cards I made, they started asking me about getting some for their own kids too. So I had my Hmong Animal flash cards professionally printed and sold them through Facebook. The response blew me away! Not only did people want these cards, they wanted more like it!

With that, I decided to start HmongBaby.com, an online shop providing you with flash cards and books to help you teach Hmong to your kids!  



My hope is that you will not only have fun sharing Hmong with your kids, but that you will be able to open up a bit of your world with them as well. 

"Every language is a world." - George Steiner